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Top Five Book Jacket Design Mistakes in Self-Publishing

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People always say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but actually they do. The cover of a book is the first thing that catches the eye (and you want this to be because it is gorgeous rather than a disaster); the potential reader will then look at your ‘blurb’ – or to be fancy, your ‘jacket copy’ – and at this point a decision to buy it will hopefully happen. Market surveys show repeatedly that purchasing choices are influenced more by cover than by the name of the publisher.

Although I do work with small to medium sized publishing houses, most of my commissions come from authors choosing to self-publish, which, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle, is now a credible and accessible path to take for new and early-career authors. And it doesn’t just stop at e-books; you can also professionally produce your very own paperbacks, print to order, through CreateSpace. More often than not, my clients approach me having already designed a cover for their book that they have realised isn’t working and, in fact, well be adversely affecting sales if the book’s already on Amazon. Time and time again I see fantastically written novels wrapped in very poorly executed book jackets, whether digital or print. Without a cover that makes your book stand out, the quality of the text becomes redundant in most cases. The cover is an extension of the text so it has to be good.

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